Do your wants exceed your needs…


God doesn’t give us what we want, BEFORE giving us what we need. God wants to teach us how to trust Him with it all. Truly trusting that He Has You takes time. The world has taught us since birth that if we cry we get fed, get our diaper changed, picked up and/ or rocked. If we go to school, we get a better job. If we work, we get a paycheck, to provide for ourselves. What the world doesn’t teach us is to trust in our creator, not in ourselves. We come to a fork in our journey, where it’s time for us to mature in the things of God. Choices/ decisions we have made without Gods leading will eventually catch up with us and we will have to turn to Him to fix what we have broken. What broke was complete trust/ reliance in Him, GOD. God loves us so much that he is willing for us to be angry with him, to get us to a better place, a matured place, a place of growing up in him. He will meet your prayer request, but he is going to strengthen and stretch your faith in Him, in order to get your need met. God could fix it all just by turning His head from the left to the right, but he is more interested in you growing in the process and not having to go through it all again in the future. Trust God, learn of Him, love Him, He Will do it… but You have to Grow too. #‎UNCHNED‬ in the stretching

In His Love, A-M <{{{><



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