My Dream 07272021

I was up fom 4am – 8am reading and praying. I just woke up for a second time from a dream. Only to find out others are also having TRUMP dreams. I’ll share mine here…

I had been at a Trum p ral ly and when it was over we went to church, but for some reason, I was allowed in a back room with them. For some reason TRUM P began praying over me. His Secret Service Agent/ Chaplin anointed my tongue with thick oil, while He laid his hands on my forehead and Melani a laid her hands on my ears. At some point, when they were leaving Melani a told another Secret Servicemen (undercover J FKjr) to tell me how to reach them to hang out in the very near future.

We are all going to be #UNCHNED

SN: These are screenshots of similar accounts with Our Pres Id Ent


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