Year of His Manifested Glory 2021

If you confessed in 2020, doubt and unbelief, guess what you can expect in 2021. 😔

If you declared 2020 to be the worst year ever, guess why you can’t see correctly 2020won!

If you plant corn, why wouldn’t you expect popcorn?

Same goes if you planted LOVE, HOPE, PEACE and ENCOURAGED others in 2020… guess what you are likely to receive THIS YEAR?!? #LoveHopePeaceEncouragement

Doubting is a type of faith… Not the type you are desiring to achieve, but it will manifest where you placed it… as it speaks of the heart. 🤦🏽‍♀️

Many declared that 2020 was a bad year, not understanding the character of God. No wonder they are already talking about how this year isn’t much better. 😢


2021_THE_YEAR_OF_HIS_MANIFESTED_GLORY!!! Expect it to show up in your life. #UNCHNED


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