It’s not over until GOD says it’s over!!!

During THIS “Feast of Tabernacles” Holy Spirit has continued to minister to me, #ITSNOTOVER. I don’t care what it looks like. I don’t care what the report was. If GOD gave you HIS WORD &/or HIS VISION concerning a matter, if you haven’t seen the outcome in the manner in which He spoke or shown you, #ItsNotOverGodIsNotFinished. HE IS ABLE TO DIVINELY REVERSE THAT THING! Hallelujah!!!!!!!! They may have said it can not happen. You are done for. Oh, definitely let any offense go; #Surrender, but DO NOT LET GO OF THE GOD OF THE IMPOSSIBLE. I’ve seen it too many times. If you will keep your faith resting in God, you will receive your BREAKTHROUGH. #UNCHNED


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