I have been depositing into CHAIN BREAKING LEADERS ALL WEEK if anyone was paying attention. 💞 Little by Little trying not to overwhelm you. BUT NOW, I can’t be silent. HEAR THE SPIRIT CALLING UNTO DEEP, INTO THE DEPTHS OF YOUR BEING. #REPENT – Metanoia – CHANGE YOUR MIND, NO MORE BUSINESS AS USUAL. The thing that is #UNCONVENTIONAL!

Dear Sheeple,

What breaks my heart is the church is under a curse brought on by the 501(c)3 status. Causing the overseers to be bound (unable to break free), because they had no business getting themselves and their members entangled with this foolishness in the first place.

Then, these same leaders have gotten their congregations in debt through their grandiose ideas that of “Bigger is Better”, more ministries/ programs (singles, youth, children’s, seniors, prison), more space (buildings/ locations) and in turn they are stealing the tithe to pay off their addiction of keeping up with the next “Hollywood” style PREACHER aka #PRIDE which comes before a fall. #PROVERBS16v18

Btw- THE TITHE WAS MEANT FOR THE PEOPLE IN NEED (#DEUTERONOMY26v12) after meeting the salary of the leaders, but not to the point that the members suffer. Try to be homeless and call on your local church, they’ll tell you quickly, they don’t have the resources for that even when you have paid your tithes to these same churches. AND THEY DON’T…

Not with mortgages on buildings upwards of millions of dollars, KNOWING God told us in his word, to owe no man nothing but to love!?! #ROMANS13v8

Besides the fact that deliverance is near impossible if the leaders can’t break free. How can deliverance flow through to the sheep, when the leaders themselves are bound, because of their coming into agreement with baal under the 501(c)3 church/ ministry status? The heads of these organizations need deliverance from their master (satan). He/ She can’t figure out how to get him out of their own churches and some don’t even realize they invited him in. He has been there since they opened the doors, under the strong-arm of government. Jesus said the governing body shall rest on His shoulders, not tax breaks. 🤦🏽‍♀️ #ISAIAH9v6 #MATTHEW28v18

Therefore, deliverance can’t come for their flock.

IT’S ONE HUGE MESS, ONLY GOD CAN STRAIGHTEN OUT. Their is a clean up coming. The tables will be overturned again.

Abide under the shadow of His wings, #Seek God Day and night, #Pray for His Will to be done in this hour and #Watch God work.



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