Wisdom speaks…


Have you ever wondered why you have been praying for: that situation/ healing/ financial breakthrough/ a relationship/ ministry for years and you never seem to experience breakthrough? Well I have.

For the past 48 hours, I have been spending time with ABBA #Reflecting on the area I have seen the greatest #Breakthrough in my life, to date, for the sole purpose of helping my own family/ children #BreakFree.

In that, I believe I have discovered another KEY to TOTAL RESTORATION in several verses we are already familiar with, beginning in Ephesians Chapter 6.


*WISDOM speaks in


Vs 1 thru 3

Speaks to #CHILDREN; How to obtain wisdom… by taking heed in parents instruction, which in turn will produce prosperity and a long life.

Vs 4 –

Speaks to #PARENTS;

How to raise children

Vs 5 thru 8 – Speaks to #EMPLOYEES & #EMPLOYERS; How to deal with one another

Vs 9 – Speaks to #Caretakers of the Flock; Instruction in Forgiveness when OFFENDED

SO I see that the first nine verses #depict our LOVE (in) ACTION.


*WISDOM speaks in

#Knowledge (of Truth)

Beginning in verse 10… We see Jesus has empowered us in Truth, but for what??? BATTLE!

Vs 10 – We see the importance of personally #knowing JESUS (as) Our Savior; who through relationship with Him, you will be supernaturally infused with His Strength & His Power.

Vs 11 – Suggests that there is an ongoing battle that we must be prepared for, requiring armor.

So the question remains… If not one another, than Who?

Vs 12 – Reminds us to LOVE (one another), because these demons are REAL. They rule under the law and they operate in rebellion (to God) AND they have different ranks (just as any other military), as follows:


1) the accuser (demonic king)

2) the principalities (demon-gods) &

3) the authorities (evil spirits)

aka #Darkness


*WISDOM speaks through

#Revelation (revealing Kingdom Breakthrough)

Vs 13 – TOUR OF DURY: (#RequiredKingdomUniform; the armor that God provides), with His Declaration of Your Victory. 

Vs 14 thru 18 –

Describes: Kingdom Citizens Military

-Issue ARMOR [A],

-Standing ORDERS [B],



1) Put on TRUTH as a #belt TO STRENGTHEN YOU to stand in triumph. (verse 14)

2) Put on HOLINESS as the #protective_armor that COVERS your heart. (verse 14)


3) #Stand at attention/ alert (ATTEND TO) then you’ll always be ready to share the blessings of PEACE. (verse 15)

4) Put on (the) FAITH (of Jesus); your wrap-around #shield, which EXTINGUISHES the blazing arrows coming at you from the evil one. (verse 16)


5) EMBRACE the Power of SALVATION’s “full deliverance” like a #helmet to “protect” your thoughts from lies.

6) AND take THE MIGHTY razor-sharp #Spirit_Sword of the SPOKEN WORD of GOD.

7) #PRAY(!) passionately IN THE SPIRIT, as you CONSTANTLY INTERCEDE with every form of prayer AT ALL TIMES.

#PRAYY(!) The BLESSINGS OF GOD upon all his believers. (verse 18)

To unlock your promise use …

Jesus commanded us to “Love One Another, the way I have loved you”.

Therefore, engage in spiritual warfare FULLY CONVINCED…

Jesus’ truths will strengthen you and His holiness will cover you.

STAND firm as His PeaceMaker… Steadfast in your Faith.

Extinguish all the lies of satan… by #Embracing the Power-Full Deliverance of His #Salvation & by #Speaking the Word of God UNTIL you receive THE PROMISE… #UNCHNED


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