I want to share with you the hardest lesson, I’ve ever had to learn in my “Christian” journey. I say, Christian, because I had #known & #acknowledged, The Lord Jesus, as My Savior, since before I started elementary school. I was raised in church. I knew the rules (so to speak). I knew how I was supposed to act. I knew that communication with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit was a major part of this lifestyle, but what I didn’t know was that, it wasn’t ALL dependent upon ME. Meaning I didn’t actually realize that my YES to Jesus (GODs Way) was the “I Do” (surrendering my way of doing things). The Purpose of Covenant, was #Relationship. All the details were written out for us in the Holy Scriptures. By submitting to & keeping His Principles (GODs Will), He enables us to REST, knowing everything has already been PROVIDED. So instead of resting, I was constantly trying to work everything out.

The church taught me that I was to submit to God and His Will. What I didn’t understand was that the enemy has his own motive, which was intent on destroying me. Through my own lack of wisdom, I missed the understanding of HOW TO SURRENDER and WHAT SURRENDER LOOKED LIKE. But because we have a Loving Father, I was able to learn surrender through a host of bad decisions, that allowed for my #Breaking.

THE BREAKING: As a first born child, I learned early in life, how to be in charge (#ControllingSpirit). As I grew in statute and no longer had the responsibility of siblings, I began to feel unwanted. My identity was in helping out.

existence was less desired, needed, worthy. I felt in So when taking on the roll of Mother as a single parent, the instinct is to be #responsible. But I was deceived, because God meant for intimacy to be been a married couple. The controlling spirit was deceiving me

What I was actually doing was trying to work out MY OWN SALVATION (saving myself through figuring out a lot of small situations). That’s what we are doing when we don’t let go. We are trying to save ourselves. Refusing to let go, always having to appear to be in control. So when we don’t surrender to God’s will and His way (ALONE), He will allow us to get further and further away, until we are broken. The point were we are so tired of running, that we become ready to be #stripped of everything in our lives, that is holding us back.

THE STRIPPING: His Grace & Mercy had kept me for 42 years, but at some point (only God knows when that is for each of us), there comes a time, when our assignment (purpose) must be fulfilled and it is required for us to grow up IN GOD. We have to be rid of self-reliance, to be able to advance and walk in the fullness and abundance that God created for His Children. So the stripping of everything I knew as secure in my life began.

FALSE PATTERN: The way that “I” had been thinking. The areas of “my life”, that “I” thought were “my” responsibility. Areas of my life that “I” had a sense of control over. Things the world required of “me”, but God didn’t require of “me”. “I” was allowing the worlds ideals, to make “me” think, “I” had to be in control of certain things, to appear like “I” was truly trying to do the right thing. And if “I” wasn’t able to get it right, “I” would punish “myself” by willfully doing wrong. What “I” was achieving in “my own ability” gave a false appearance of having it all together and therefore, it appeared like “I” had some sort of control. This false reality was keeping “me” from the ability to surrender, to what “I” thought “I” had no control over. “I” wasn’t being honest with myself. I was resisting God. When we resist God, through doing life our own way, even in the slightest, He allows us to push back, until we feel the pain of being #separated.

SEPARATION PROCESS: Whatever that something IS (in each of our lives) that is keeping us separated from Him… He will allow IT to take from us, until we figure out that our way needs to be removed. Nothing you are going through, has taken God by surprise. No one is doing anything TO you. God is using these very situations to allow you to come to #TheEndOfSelf.

THE END OF SELF: God has a way of using these same situations to turn us around and back to Him. What we needed all along was to change the way we were seeing God.

TURNING AROUND: The surrender is simply admitting that we can’t steer through this life without allowing Him to be the navigator of our vessel. His Peace is the source that fuels us and sets the course in motion. As long as we stay IN Him (Seeking after His Will, By Keeping His Ways) His Peace will be our steady guide and will restore to us His Image & His Likeness.

For He says, MY Yoke is Easy and MY Burden is Light.


WE. (the Who)

ARE. (the When; is present tense)




BY GODs WAY (the What)

GOD, IS Jesus, multiplied BY Holy Spirit! (the Where)

So That HE (God), may be manifested, through US (His Sons & Daughters), IN the earth. (the For; on purpose)

OUR PURPOSE: Is to live a surrendered life, fully submitted to God. So now, I ask throughout the day… “I AM, Am I trying to work this out or am I allowing you to handle my stuff?” Because, only through submission, can He use me, to SET THE CAPTIVES FREE!!!



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