Know Who You Are

Somebody is going to get ahold of this CHAIN BREAKING word, like I have and when they do, it will be a total GAME CHANGER! 
But first, I want to thank God, for My Apostle, Chris Turney, @ Kingdom Reign Ministries Church, who selflessly spends time with The Lord in prayer and studies out Gods word, so that he is able to teach me, how to live as a KINGDOM CITIZEN, in the Earth. So that I too, can encourage others for God’s Glory.

The Earth was created, to serve US; the sons and daughters of God, NOT us to serve the Earth!?!
Our service is towards the Kingdom. We are not servants of God, we are Sons & Daughters of GOD, which makes us HEIRS to the Kingdom. Only those who don’t know WHO they are and WHOSE they are, serve the Earth. 🤔 
As Heirs, we should be ruling and reigning in the Earth and the things, of the Earth, SERVE US!!!
Saints, we have got to get a hold of WHO we are and start living with a Kingdom Mindset. WE have been ADOPTED by Jehovah Elohim, the Creator of the Universe, therefore; we are no longer servants (of our former life) but HIS LEGAL CHILDREN. We are ROYALTY. 
Now, I don’t know about anyone else BUT, I haven’t ever seen a King or Queen who gives a command come up empty handed. Declarations are made and the servants go to work to make sure the thing that was declared, HAPPENS. 
As Sons & Daughters, we are Kings (Queens) & Priest and our servants are our angels, who we send forth to get what we need done. The Earth in turn works together with the angels to assist US (for OUR BENEFIT).  
I, for one, had to ask God to forgive me this morning. For worrying when the bill or call about the loan came in, because as a Child of God, bills are not my concern!?! My bills were PAID IN FULL by My Brother, My Lord & Savior, Jesus Christ, so that I could live in the authority given to me and RULE and REIGN in the Earth, not fret over fiery darts 🎯 sent to distract me! 
So, if you too, have forgotten who you are, then simply REPENT (change the way you’ve been thinking and seeing yourself). 
I believe we have not, because we have been living with a sit back and wait to see if it doesn’t get better mentality RATHER THAN using Our Swords 

(S-words; the Saviors words) 

to make declarations and decrees over the things coming against us… AND by praying prayers of pleading with God, rather than telling Our Daddy what we need and expecting Him to provide it.
NO, what we do, is wring our hands and worry, saying “What if this, What if that”… 


                   WHAT IF??? 
WHAT IF the bill isn’t paid because we didn’t command the bank (in the Earth) to serve us and take care of it! 
GOD SAYS, I WILL SUPPLY ALL YOUR NEEDS ACCORDING TO MY RICHES AND GLORY IN CHRIST JESUS. Therefore, the issue is not God, IT’S US, not taking Him and His Word at face value, by expecting Our Needs… AND WANTS to be supplied, by OUR FATHER. 
Chain Breakers, we need to be doing our Kingdom assignment of breaking chains for Kingdom Purposes, not fighting battles that Jesus ALREADY accomplished for us. We should be setting captives free. But, because we haven’t taken authority over our circumstances, we haven’t been able to get to the actual Kingdom Business and start fulfilling our purpose in the Earth. 
Today, CHANGE YOUR MINDSET (repent); the way you have been looking at your place in the Earth and BE #UNCHNED to live your life FREE, as a Son/ Daughter of GOD, the Great Yehovah! 
In His Love, 



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