Chains of Misunderstanding…

I Hear Chains of Misunderstanding Breaking…
When our prayers don’t seem to be reaching heaven, because we haven’t yet seen manifestation, often times we turn inward. 
Questioning God (after Salvation; a true turning, fully surrendered to the Will of God): 

How come “I” haven’t seen “my” breakthrough?

What am “I” doing wrong? 

Where did “I” mess up again? 
We being trying to figure out how to obtain the answer from God. Maybe if “I” just had the right words like sister so-and-so, maybe if “I” had more to give, maybe God doesn’t really like “me”, maybe “I’m” not really loved by God… recognize these are all LIES being fed to our minds by the enemy and our own stinkin’ thinkin’.
In essence, if we don’t still and stop those types of thoughts, like it or not, we begin the practice of sorcery, it’s an attempt to make us “think” we can manipulate God.
The best prayers come from the depths of your being, your words, your tears of fully surrendering to the Will of God and consciously communing with Abba constantly. He is looking at the condition of our hearts, to bless and promote us. I am reminded of David in the book of Samuel. David messed up a lot, but God favored him… because He was after Gods heart.
I sense some wait longer periods of time for their prayers to be answered because “they think” their is a complicated formula “they” need to figure out, to getting “their” prayer answered. Saints there is a formula, but it’s not complicated!!! 
Jesus gave it to us… 

Matthew 6:33&34 (TPT) – 

33“ So #above #all, constantly #chase after the realm of God’s kingdom and the #righteousness #that #proceeds #FROM #HIM.

#THEN… all these less important things will be given to you abundantly.
34 #Refuse to worry about tomorrow, but #deal with each challenge that comes your way, one day at a time. Tomorrow will take care of itself.” 

(aka #REST; in what Jesus already accomplished on the cross… your answered prayer according to His Promise). 
Chain Breakers Seek God DAILY… chase after HIS Heart… concern ourselves with Him and His perfecting us to BE more like Christ… THEN your promise will manifest, #UNCHNED . 🤗


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