Chain Breakers…


Your gonna be #Sorry

when you figure out The Game of #Life

was full of #Clues.

There is a

trying to sink your

Yet you

when your

like a 


is that once you stop being #Mad 

and #Connect 

that God, Jesus & Holy Spirit, are your numero #UNO 

and they are the only ones that are willing to help you #PickUpTheSticks 

and perform the #Operation 

for your #Trouble.


I’m Just Sayin,


stop playin’

and be




2 thoughts on “Chain Breakers…

    1. I just began to read you book. It comes in Gods perfect timing, as always. I have a family member struggling with homosexuality and I know God is more than will and able to redeem them, just like He did me from drug addiction. Many blessings to you Sister!


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