The problem with Accepting Advice from too many sources …


My question for you is this… How many of the people constantly giving you marital advice have actually had themselves restored and then their marriage?
No disrespect intended to anyone… But many are in the place of brokenness and broken marriage themselves because of opinions (theirs, Moms, Dads, Sisters, Brothers, Aunties, Uncles, Friends, Coworkers, even Pastors). 
The fact is that marriage restoration is actually about our individual healing and eventually the rest will follow. Each restoration comes with its own set of unique steps to be accomplished, with ingredients to be added or elements to be removed. A formula only Holy Spirit holds; the secret to yours. 
Nothing wrong with seeking advice, just know those who you are seeking direction from. One to three close prayer warriors willing to go before the Father on your behalf that have walked the path of restoration AND have a successful testimony, could possibly give you tried and tested solutions. But then even those should be second in nature only to Abba, who knows the end from the beginning and what is completely necessary for YOUR restoration. 
Having said that, if your spouse is now willing to allow a minimal friendship without strings and laid out plans for how it will turn out, gives you both freedom to continue to grow in Christ while allowing Holy Spirit to do THE WORK NECESSARY. 
How do I know? I have gone this way twice now. Once reserving a small portion of the outcome to my actions and once in total surrender. The latter has held out to be the answer, the former was reconciled but eventually ended in divorce and 11 yrs later is STILL dealing with me & our children in an ugly manner. 
Be #UNCHNED from natural ways.🔐 Let Jesus Set You & Your Marriage Supernaturally  FREE~N~THEE! ❤


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