The Process of the Bride…

Our journey with God is…
A PROCESS (steps)…
EVERYTHING MUST DIE TO LIVE (like seeds planted in the ground)!!!
We must take up our cross (circumstance), just as Jesus did;
1) suffer (lies told on us, beatings of the world systems, trickery/ attack),
2) die (our situations)
3) buried (in the ground)
4) RAISED UP from the dead situation/ circumstance… ONLY by the SPIRIT of GOD!!!
Think for a moment on a finely designed cake. Each individual ingredient is not tasty if eaten separately. But once all of the ingredients are
1) mixed (convergence)
2) baked (refined in the fire)
3) cooled (set in patience & perseverance)
4) layered (built upon foundation)
5) frosted (smoothed to perfection)
6) decorated (intricately designed, only then do we realize the Beauty)
7) SERVED (to others, for our benefit and to glorify God)! 
ingredients for baking a cakeintracate royal bridal cake
Our “growth” PROCESS in LIFE is only developed through SURRENDER. The end of the PROCESS is a REAL RELATIONSHIP w/ CHRIST JESUS!
#UNCHNED In The Process, A-M

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