Puzzled in your marriage…

Here is another key to unlock the chains. Think for a moment about a pile of keys in a drawer. We wouldn’t know right away which key goes to what lock. Keys and Locks are like Pieces of a Puzzle. Just like with keys, not all pieces fit in all places. They may all look alike because they are all pieces, but actually they are somewhat different in that they have different configurations or shapes just like our marriages.
1) SHAPES of our marriage
·Outies and Innies – Personality differences “outgoing” or “reserved”
·Figurals – pieces that have recognizable differences. These may be more common like financial issues, career struggles, differences in childrearing, extended family interference, religious beliefs, ideas of lovemaking do’s and dont’s, housing differences, transportation lacks, attitudes, hidden agendas, unhealthy friendships, drugs and/ or alcohol problems, etc…
·Interlocking – the pieces fit together so that they do not come apart easily (when we are in agreement)
·Lifted tab – An area in which the surface or the layers of hurts, fears, frustrations have caused separation. This is often caused by carelessness in the marriage union.
·Color Cut – Bi-racial struggles
·Stripcut – Refers to a puzzle which has been cut (or a seemingly severed relationship)
·Pushfit – Refers to a puzzle which has seeming non-interlocking pieces but when forced in they don’t
fit at all.
2) People who work on a puzzle have all types of PERSONALITIES (ex. of attacks in relation to our marriage)
·piece thief or hoarder- is a person who
a) puts a piece in an area being worked on by another person in the marriage (aka Jezebel) OR
b) hoards all the pieces on one side of the marriage (selfish) OR
c) hides pieces he or she KNOWS other persons is looking for (this person could be angry, resentful, unkind, uncaring)
·busy body – a person who tries many pieces in many spots very rapidly, all over the puzzle, in such a way as to prevent anyone else from being able to place their pieces (STANDER/OW/OM)
·squiggledy piece – a piece with an otherwise hard-to-describe shape (marriage issues seemingly unlike any other)
ETC… Either way, these pieces can be new, slightly worn, or damaged.
3) WHEN YOU CAN’T QUITE SOLVE THE PUZZLE…Our lives are like that of a puzzle. When we try forcing the pieces into the puzzle often times we find they don’t fit. Either, the edges don’t match, the shape looks right but just doesn’t fit or it’s the wrong piece altogether.
4) UNLOCKING THE CHAINS… It has been my experience in life that when we back away from the puzzle and allow God (the designer/ creator of the masterpiece) to gently place the pieces, they all go perfectly into their rightful place and then once again become a beautiful work of HIS ARTISTRY.
5) WHEN WE REST, GOD WORKS… While he is clearing the board, piece by piece, we sit back and study God (His Word), we root Him on (in Praise, Worship & Adoration); Knowing He Designed The Marriage and He Knows How To Put It Back Together.
In this, we become #UNCHNED



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