Choices… good or bad have consequences.

You have a right to make your own choices. Although it may be easy, to blame your current situation… on your childhood… on something someone else did or didn’t do… on something someone said or didn’t say… IS NOT WISDOM.  What transpired a moment ago is the past.
1) Whether you had the life you thought you deserved.
2) Whether you didn’t get to do things other kids did.
3) Whether you think something is fair or not.
4) Whether you did/ didn’t have the same options at the time as another.
5) Whether your parent(s) were alcohol or drug addicts.
6) Whether your parent(s) were always incarcerated or were sickly.
7) Whether your parent(s) never talked about God or took you to church.
8) Whether your parent(s) couldn’t afford to give you the same lifestyle as your friends.
Living in the past, is allowing the enemy to hold you hostage, in turn keeping you from moving forward. If your childhood was so bad, then make better choices than your parent(s) did or those that caused you pain. Choose to move forward and do better for yourself. Our past does not define us, our choices in the past don’t either. Your present is before you, so make choices that allow you the freedom of your past.
Definition of “CHOICE” (CHois) noun – an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.
  1. “the choice between good and evil”
The best choice I ever made was CHOOSING WHOM I WOULD SERVE!!!
Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit in relationship with the Father God. 😉
#UNCHNED In His Love, A-M
Joshua 24vs14&15

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