From Disaster… To Design


It’s been four years ago today that I had a rhinoplasty for a deviated septum… and then the drama started. Turns out that anesthesia can be a trigger point for a recovered addict and relapse can occur if not recognized.

Relapse did occur, so did separation from my husband and children, divorce & loss of parental rights to my son,  Samuel, loss of my home, transportation and literal freedom, health, ministry, losses of all kinds, BUT GOD – #DELIVERED ME OUT OF IT ALL!!! It wasn’t easy and things got really bad before anything even started to take a hint of light at the end of my tunnel.  I was determined that God could turn it all around if I surrendered it ALL to Him.

#Restoration was about me first being restored back the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. In time with much tenacity towards my Lord & Savior, Jesus #UNCHNED me from my past and Set ME Free.

#Reconciliation came first to my husband, then children, and #Recovery of material things has come over time. ALL of this has been a blessing but the biggest gift was coming to understand that God Almighty loves me so much that he would strip everything from me that I was secure in and with to get my attention and RESTORED ME BACK TO THEE.

Being restored is a process, a journey and your life will be changed from the inside out. With God ALL things are possible and with God you CAN do things through Christ who strengthens YOU. He will take everything broken and mold you back into HIS magnificently designed piece of Art.

In His Love, A-M <{{{><


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