Looking Back… Signs & Wonders

Tennis Balls


God spoke & continues to speak primarily through His word. God also can use many ways to communicate to His children. You have to be open to see Him in all things. He may speak to one through a Swift, PTL or Covenant Truck or another through a FaceBook post, a billboard or something someone says in the checkout line. He once spoke to me, while looking through a jail cell window and seeing the branches swaying in the wind. That spoke to me that the branches are like arms and the leaves like hands and that all of creation praises Him. The trees swayed back and forth like they were praising God, the Creator of ALL. It reminds me of Luke 19:28-40… In verse 40 Jesus says, “I tell you”, he replied, “if they keep quiet, the stones will cry out.”

I believe that God can use things to wink at us. Little nudges from time to time. Signs that make us wonder on Him. But they shouldn’t be sought after as His main way of communicating with you. He speaks through His word, through what His Son accomplished at the cross and confirms these by His Spirit. Jesus brings peace. Confusion is from the enemy.

In the Word of God, we are reminded of many signs. The greatest sign people remember most often is the sign of the rainbow (bow in the clouds) in Genesis 9:14-16. In Mark 16:16-17, Jesus speaks of signs following them that believe. And we are warned in the last days with telltale signs through behaviors in 2 Timothy 3:1-5. Matthew 24:6-8 signs of wars, rumors of wars, famine & earthquakes. If God is showing you something, it will be confirmed in your Spirit with His peace that surpasses all understanding. You won’t have to try to mold it or squeeze it in to fit. Sometimes, will just make sense. Don’t let someone else rob you of what God has shown you. Remember that was for you, from HIM and that they won’t necessarily get it, because it wasn’t for them.

If the Lord has spoken to you through a Swift truck, thank Him, but don’t put Him in a box. He can use other ways to speak, nudge or wink at you. In my Stand for my marriage, there was a season God used tennis balls. ???

During my stand for marriage restoration, I didn’t have what some would call common transportation. It was feet don’t fail me now! Walking on back roads, I would never have seen an 18-wheel truck. One afternoon I needed God to speak pretty quick on a matter and so with childlike faith, I asked him to show me something unusual before I reached the upcoming intersection. I needed to know if walking to visit my husband and children was ok with him & was this possibly His doing. I didn’t want to rush the restoration process. I almost got to the end of the road when I looked over and there laid a tennis ball. There was a golf course nearby, but not a tennis court. I felt I had no other way that day to know if my Father was opening the door for this meeting. As a continued my 5-mile journey to meet my ride to get me to where my family was meeting, I started to doubt the validity of that ball. But God in all his splendor showed me another ball on my journey home, in a remote area, as I took another path back. This would happen from time to time without warning, seeking or continuously asking.

Look for God to speak to you throughout you day. Those tennis balls were winks that I needed in that season. I dated each one and below in the comment is “my proof”, that God can use any sign he chooses to make us wonder on HIM. What He uses or used for one… He may not use for you.

Tennis Balls.2

I am reminded by my Dear Friend, Elaine, who picked up this tennis ball picture holder during the time of my STAND. I use it today to remind myself, that I AM NOT OF THIS WORLD & THAT I AM ‪#‎UNCHNED‬ IN HIS PRESENCE!!

In His Love, A-M


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