Allowing God to heal the hardened heart…


FULL RESTORATION comes only by allowing God to heal your HARDENED HEART.

Many people have hurts that have taken up residence deep within and formed layers of false protection around our heart. Whether this has come because of anger, rejection, disappointments in childhood/ life or holding grudges.

Whatever the case may be, God desires to slowly pull back the layers that have formed. The sole purpose of each layer is to hinder each us from becoming all God intended for us to be (because the layer was not placed there by God). Often times these layers formed without us being aware. I am reminded of the skin of an onion and how an onion is protected initially with thin yellow or purple layers, they are camouflaging/ covering what is on the inside (the vegetable). Often, you will hear people verbalize their layers with… I don’t care… Whatever… No big deal… It doesn’t matter… and if not corrected the pain these layers cause ends in death, of relationships and marriages, even worse… often times people end up blaming God for them.

Hardened Heart Onion Layers of Onion Onion Skin

How can we move forward if the past keeps raising up it’s ugly head in an attempt to defeat us or take out? Well, it will take a conscious effort on our part, to allow God FULL access to these areas. He will apply the blood that His Son, Jesus already shed, to every area that you will surrender to Him. The Blood of Jesus will wash you white as snow; renewing in you a pure heart and a clear conscience. BUT, you have a part to play… YOU HAVE TO BE WILLING TO ALLOW GOD TO DO THE CLEANSING. God knows how many layers, how often. If you reserve a portion to justify yourself or because you don’t like the discomfort the cleansing causes, you will NOT receive FULL RESTORATION, but a mere type or shadow aka PARTIAL RESTORATION.

The best thing I have ever allowed God to do in my life was to allow Him to pull back the onion skin layers of rejection, hurt, pain, fears, disappointments, failures, etc… so that the true person He created me to be could be seen. This, my friends, is how I have become ‪#‎UNCHNED‬ in Thee.

In His Love, A-M


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