Though it tarry, wait for it…

Symbolic of our Ministry… HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO
Unchned at WIL.4tha.SON Ministries & SAMUEL’s Safe Haven

Today is a very special day for me in my walk with Abba Father. For those that know me well, 10 yrs ago, Papa healed me from a cancer on my bedroom floor, by the Power of the Holy Spirit, through Spiritual Warfare. My life forever changed and a ministry came forth, out of a vision I received that day. Several of the scriptures he gave me are included. He spoke that it was HIS PERFECT VISION. I decided to name the ministry 2020.SafeHaven, because Jesus is our Perfect Vision of Safety in All things. Ironically, when I got in the truck this morning to take Josh to school, I looked down at the dash, and the odometer read 212020. God still winking from above, letting me know that He has not forgotten. Praising You Still Daddy, I know in your timing I will understand the fullness of the pictures you had me paint. Glory to God!!! – with William H Wilson Jr.



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