God Loves You!!!


Two days ago I posted a very simple truth, GOD LOVES YOU! Although basic in that it is only three words, it holds all of creation, the beginning and the end, the first and last, The Alpha and The Omega. God loves you so much that he sent His only Son, to die or a tree, for sins that he never committed, to pay the ransom for your sins, that you might live through His Son, Jesus Christ.

Many times I see people just pass over that statement as if it is just another cliche statement… but until you truly know who you are and whose you are in CHRIST and that “GOD LOVES YOU”, you can’t be fully healed/ restored. Gods Love is Simple, yet omnipotent (having unlimited power; able to do anything), omnipresent (present everywhere at the same time) and omniscient (knowing everything) … ALL AT THE SAME TIME.

When you hear it said that Restoration starts by YOU being RESTORED first… that only comes by Christ Jesus. The starting point is knowing how much HE LOVES YOU!!! Finding out everything you can about his character, order, how he ticks. You will never be able to get the natural love you deserve from your spouse if you don’t understand what real LOVE looks like……. THE KEY to LOVE is found only in: ‪#‎JESUS‬!!!

‪#‎UNCHNED‬ In His Love, A-M


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