Key to Restoration


“Keys” or “Hidden Truths” that I believe needs FULL ATTENTION.


**Pray & intercede for your spouse (OW/ OM if applicable).

**Focus on you & your relationship with Christ.

**That is ultimately what Christ wants from you.

**Once He’s prepared you, then He will bring your husband/ wife back.

**You’ve got to be spiritually ready to receive him/ her.

**But Gods number one concern is your relationship with Him.

**He can & will restore your marriage but you have to TOTALLY TRUST HIM!!

“THE KEY” TO BEING ‪#‎UNCHNED‬ FROM THE LIES OF SEPARATION & DIVORCE, is what I see that brings about the turning point in every RESTORATION (The Secret to Restoration is hidden in ‪#‎Relationship‬‪#‎with‬ ‪#‎Christ‬). Not for a Healed Marriage, that will just come, but because God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek Him. God knows your heart and intention, so be careful not to think you can manipulate God with this Key. Praying today for all broken marriages!! #UNCHNED ~ In His Love, A-M <{{><


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