Samuel’s SafeHaven


This morning I have been studying 1 Samuel. Today is my son, Samuel’s, fourteenth birthday. He was named after the great prophet Samuel. Even as I think about the fact that Samuel has been in the far country for 4 years. I am still STANDING, hopeful and convinced that his return to my care is right around the corner. Not because I am such a great person of faith and word, but because GOD is. When I read the story of when God anointed Samuel as his prophet and how Samuel was obedient to the Lord in giving the people direction. When the people followed the will and way of God they prevailed, but when the people didn’t obey, lives were lost. This is the same in every type of STAND. I would encourage you today to go and read about Samuel and how God upholds his people if they will do what he tells them to do. God has a plan and a purpose for what we are facing and he has already provided a victorious outcome if we will just trust and believe. In His Love, ‪#‎UNCHNED‬

Today I have a prayer request… Samuel accepted Jesus Christ, as Lord and Savior of His Life, at a young age. When I was separated from my husband the courts took my parental rights, but your can’t take away what God has given. Please pray for a doctor to come into Samuel’s path, that will dig deeper and find the true source of what is going on with him. Pray that the family that has adopted him, will set aside their own fears and inhibitions, and sense a great need to reconcile with our family as a whole for Samuels sake, In Jesus Name.

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Happy Birthday Sam 13



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