Work vs. Rest


I have been facing a challenge for the past 4 months that has the ability to change my world as I know it. Knowing that God told me TO STAND, I have been leaning not on my own understanding but on HIS WORD (written & spoken). I asked my closest Sister’s In Christ to pray about this situation. And the response was way more than… I guess I expected. I found in that unity a Great Cloud of Witness. This morning as I wake I reflect on His Love for me and all the things I have seen him bring to pass as I patiently wait on Him to do what only He can do. As I was preparing breakfast for my family, I heard the nudge of the Holy Spirit remind me that even though this may seem different than when you were standing for your marriage, it is the same concept.

You Rest – I Work. You work – I Rest.
(ie; me wringing my hands, me being anxious, me analyzing the what if’s).

I guess I didn’t see that the process is the same. I thought it was different maybe because I knew that in marriage restoration it is about the enemy dividing what God joined together and made one. But the point is that the enemy uses the same tactics he always has for thousands of years. He has no new strategies. But with God the one who created the Heaven’s and the Earth, he can create a new/ fresh strategy specific for our need. Don’t work on your behalf, when you can be resting in His Ability to take something and make it HIS STORY!! ‪#‎UNCHNED‬


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