You Must Be Born Again


I feel a strong sense to share what I believe he is giving me this morning. The word tells you that in order to enter the Kingdom Family of God, you must be born again, made into a new creation through Christ shedding of his blood. Marriage was created to strengthen the believer and to share the calling and purpose of Gods plan. Several times throughout his word we find that two are better than one. We see that one can put a thousand to flight, but two can put ten-thousand to flight. When a marriage is not fulfilling the purpose and plan for God it is in need of restoration, it is like a born again experience for the marriage union. God was purifying my husband and I separately. We each were dealing with our disappointments in the marriage, but secretly still hoping God would fix what was broken.

Example: My husband and I were believer’s when we married, but our union was not totally fulfilling his purpose and plan. We both needed to individually be cleansed (or polished) in HIM, to the point that divorce was being sought (we had stinking thinking, if nothing else). Through what looked in the natural to be a mess, would turn out to be a message for the honor and glory of God. By allowing God, to do the work needed in me and trusting he would be able to reach my husband who was then an over-the-road truck driver and traveled all 50 states. Of course, satan had to do his work to attempt to deceive us. He would imply that my husband was in some other state and since I could not oversee things he was not going to ever change his mind about the divorce. My husband recalls thinking that I would never change. As the stander, It was my job to trust that no matter where my husband was the Holy Spirit was able to work on his hardened heart and remove the things in me that needed to go.

I want to encourage you today, that your stand can be looked at and rehearsed, believing the lie, that your may not ever be restored (the what if’s). But if you will view the restoration process through the eyes of God creating something NEW & IMPROVED and place your hope in him, not yourself, you will start to see the light and life of God, in this valley of death.

In His Presence, ‪#‎UNCHNED‬ @ WIL.4tha.SON Ministries


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