Your “Trust” Muscle

EXERCISE FOR STANDERS: I don’t know how long each of you have been standing, but I want you to try this. Try not to focus so much on getting your marriage back but every time you find you are focusing on what your mate is thinking, doing or wondering how much longer will this take, switch your thought to falling in love with Jesus – making HIM your husbandman. Restoration is about restoring our relationship with God first, then our mate. He works on us individually to prepare us to come back together. Journal what you are learning, what God is doing in and through you, what he is showing you. If you feel comfortable sharing, it would be exciting to read comments of how your work-out is going, what you learned, how this helped, your growth in an area, whatever positive changes are taking place (big or small).‪#‎UNCHNED‬


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