No Respecter of Persons…


God is no respecter of persons. If he did it for me and many others, HE WILL do it for you too. Stay focused on him, not the faults in the marriage. Let him work on you, don’t worry about what he is doing in and through your spouse. You must know that as the Holy Spirit is nudging you, he is also able to nudge your spouse. It may take time, that’s why he doesn’t give you a time frame. If some of us only knew what all we would have to endure we would throw up our hands and quit. He doesn’t give you a time frame, because he wants you to win, in trusting only HIM. Remember, this thing is bigger than both of you. It’s a spiritual battle. ‪#‎UNCHNED‬‪ #‎PressIn‬ ‪#‎PushThrough‬ ‪#‎YourTurnAroundWillCome‬


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